Monday, July 14, 2014

Dreamweaver Final Finish - Healing

Septembers Song was
the original piece that was shown on the CBS Sunday Morning show (This was a roughed
in draft of the original)  I believe in Miracles   I know my daughter was healed of her
Cancerous Tumors that were in her center part of brain; yes inoperable they were)

As her Mother I could not accept this in the moment past then and expired date was
set (April Spring of the year)  Knowing that Spring is New Beginnings-Seasonal I continued the piece after it was shown 3 as the Autumn Equinox piece for the Country's National weather.

Now came the DREAMWEAVER.  INDIAN Honor I give as INDIAN Honor it is.  She rises
with one Green eye (mother Earth) and one Blue Eye (Heavens) the face of a Rainbow SUN ART

The final piece shows a vibrant ALIVE THRIVING face of the Power of the SUN.
Yes that  is my daughter's face.  She is alive and VERY WELL and indeed increased her t
family by One Beautiful Angel/Tasmanian tremor of a Child Sammie.  Two Beautiful/yes
they are Beautiful in their Handsomeness SONS- Unique by their own Command of Love.

Yes, the first image is not the same as the second.  She looked out from her own Authentic
Self and Healed herself.  do I believe in Miracles? Absolutely Positively.  This is Woman;
She ROARS and has a secret smile that you will constantly be in awe of .

Each of my GRAND Children (9 to be exact) are their own AUTHENTIC Selves who teach
me in every moment.  I have been additionally blessed with 2 Additional Daughters and A SON
SHINING  STARS to INCREASE the size of our family me 3 children turned into 6 it seems
overnight. who had 4 for the oldest son/daughter 3 for our daughter/son  and 2 more for they youngest son/daughter.

So life has been exceptional for me----take what you want from this and know I'll love you all the same out of the gratitude of the LOVE our creator has given us all.  Thank you for all the SMILES today.  NO RAIN Fell on me-ok....IM not sugar I don't melt except when I bow in deep RESPECT for OUR SUN (Son of Man). Life is EXCELLENT

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Name change soul signature

My given name is Mary Sonya fowler yet I AM Sonya Meglaurel Conti

This has been confusing to me for some time now however I have clarity
My art is my way of healing

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