Saturday, October 30, 2010

Whisper-plein air of little Miami River of Tipp City, Oh

Final work was done next day of the Little Miami River in Tipp City, Oh. After being in the area this week, the scene has once again changed taking on late fall dress-down The piece is oil, painted on framed board 18x36x1. It will be presented at the Cannery (3rd/Wayne) downtown Dayton, Ohio on First Friday in November.

Please visit The Artist Challenge for all the presentations from the gallery tonight at 8pm.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tipp City Plein Air Paint Out

Valuable learning lesson today. (Gone are the days of working until the work is finished in plein air) Must downsize the canvas when doing 6 hour plein for sale shortly after that timeframe. *chops (artist's small works) would be just right.

Many of the talented members from the Tipp City Arts Council and Ohio Plein Air Society sold their pieces today to the crowd that waited for them back on Main Street.

Will be returning after 2:00 tomorrow to finish the piece. Question was asked about the work on pricing. Easier to discuss it here. Most artists don't price by emotional attachment; the price reflects the materials and time and value of "previous sold work". Would have loved for quick sale but also realize that the work is viewed as a whole (past and present). The clients who have purchased the previous work (an investment) must be honored and not under-cut. This has been a hot topic on the "boards" for artists in todays economy. Do we lower the price of the work just to make a sale? Hopefully not too many folks were "turned" off by the work without knowing the full assessment. This is the business part of the field that we would just love to steer clear of. Because of the market and economy....we no longer have the luxury of artist's advocates that handle all the financial decisions. Do offer the lay away process if you would rather acquire work over a 3month period. The work is offered through Pay-Pal. But if you contact me through email will accept payments for up to 3 months. Drop me a line if this is an option for you and the work will be removed from display (The Cannery, various shows that participate in); boxed professionally and waiting on it's new home. If you are local-will deliver upon final payment.

From Robert Genn's Twice-weekly newsletter came this:

But there's a wider question. Are we, like the local baker, simply making a line of tarts for popular consumption, or are we engaged in something more lofty and significant? Many would say the difference is passion, and while there are undoubtedly passionate bakers, our painterly productivity needs to be based on a noble drive and not on calculated reasoning and bare commerce. With the chimera of making a living online, artists may be in for downstream distress. Quality develops when an artist falls in love with an often complex and personal process on the way to a distinctive style and a unique vision. Blinded by the possibilities of tiny cash flow, which may not occur anyway, passion is subjugated by price points.

Many years ago there were several of us that painted in Missouri area out and about. Long for that time in life so it feels right to return. The love of the experience and returning to the "painterly " style made the day FLY by. Beautiful area (even had couple folks in canoes float past).

Definitely joining the Tipp City Arts Council. Very organized and excellent organization; still can't believe this was their first PAINT OUT.

Note, Russ-if your reading this; would be an honor to give you a print of this piece please get hold of me if don't run into you BEFORE the next meeting in Tipp City. (Russ had come by to "check on the artist and see if they had needed anything. He found me a bit distressed and in need of "additional color tube" that had left at home on table. Didn't this man go and picked up the tube that needed; nearest art store was Huber Heights! He was my HERO!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Commercial break

Breaking away from the studio work to do some plein air on what promises to be a beautiful day (71degrees w/sun) tomorrow.

Come join us at the Public Library in around 4:00pm to view the work from the designated area of the paint out. Bonus-will be sold on site! (Saturday 10/23/10).

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

heART4Sudan work

Somewhere in back of mind, infiltrating the dreams, work that have responded to visually or simply a message trying to get through-this image comes to me.

While scanning the life section of this Sunday's newspaper settled in to read about one of my favorite artist mentors Trish McKinney. Many months ago a call out for artists had been asked for on behalf of the children of the Sudan. She answered that call with a very touching piece created from her work. Fortunate that she again calls to the artists to submit (donate) their concept (which will be juried) and if selected 100 percent of the sale will go to this charity.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plein aire of Caretaker's window finished

Returned to the Caretaker's window out in Tipp City, Ohio. Although it was in and around the same time of day; atmosphere and light had changed. What was working the day before in color did not feel or look right. (May also be that when working on a piece for more than a day or two the initial excitement leaves-literally).

Have worked on two plein aire pieces for The Secret Window theme for The Artist Challenge theme. Presentation will be after 8pm (local- EST) Come join us (artists of the challenge). For those who like to read-
stop over at the INFERNO on the same site for the writer's rendition of THE SECRET WINDOW

Friday, October 15, 2010

window in work plein aire

day two of plein aire piece. Getting a late start-resisted the urge to work on the piece in studio. No rain, chilly but doable weather to paint in.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plein air painting

When painting on site, lighting influences more than the painting. Always lay down the composition as quickly as can. Try to add shadow and light areas in the beginning. Take an image (of the actual area) before drawing and shortly after the concept is down to check these areas when laying in the paint. With the sun moving quickly in the fall air your window of opportunity closes quickly.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

the Original site of The Artist Challenge

Bobby will tell you the secret window is at the back of the old witch’s house. Some people think eyes are a secret window into our soul. The law will tell you that forensics is a secret window of a crime. And a fortune teller will claim it’s her crystal ball.
What do you think a secret window is and how would you define it? We’re anxious to know.
This is your reminder 'THE SECRET WINDOW' is our next theme. Due date Saturday OCTOBER 16th.
GO HERE TO PARTICIPATE if your a writer and GO HERE if your an artist
And one other thing. Let’s make this our little secret.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Restless - Rembrandt the masters

some more glazing to finish the piece submitted to the artist challenge
presentation of theme Restless.

Fall seems to bring changes; rather than dropping in more color have elected to limit my palette after the style of Rembrandt (Dutch master artist).

The artwork name was girl at the window. So enjoyed the change in media that have started "girl with a broom" as companion piece to this one.

The finished piece will be offered for $1500 with reproductions starting at $79.00. Gift giving for the holidays