Sunday, December 11, 2011

Coffee Mugs - Gift Idea with a little Sunshine year round

The Sun Art has become popular this season for "coffee mugs"

Consider purchasing a set of the mugs from zazzel

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CBS sunlight dreamweaver 2011

As shown on the CBS Sunday Morning Show;

Dream Weaver is now available for prints. Please contact me for
size and price quotes for a unique holiday gift

(additional images from the Library)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

 Downtown Dayton 
131 Ludlow St
Talbot Tower Building 

Selected as one of ten artists who have  "window showcased" their work in various sites of the downtown Dayton Ohio area.

Artist Showcase – Sonya Conti | Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Artist Showcase – Sonya Conti | Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Thank you John for the feature selection!

CBS Sunday Morning Show DreamWeaver SUN 2011

CBS aired the Dream weaver Sun in their opening segment! Mention of September's song preceded the brief unveiling of the piece.  Thank you
Vikki North of the Artist Challenge for the exposure and opportunity.

Please see the latest showing of the challenge artwork

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Linked in site

John R. Math

, Owner, Light Space & Time Art Gallery (business partner)
was a consultant or contractor to you
“"We have been very fortunate to have Mary-Sonya participate in several of our past Art Competitions. Mary-Sonya's art is unique and creative in both style and technique. Because of her artistic skills, in every competition Mary-Sonya has entered she has be placed as a winner. Next month Mary-Sonya will be featured in our Artist Showcase which is an honored position within our organization. In all of my dealings with Mary-Sonya she was timely, prompt and thorough. We are very proud to have Mary-Sonya as one of our winning gallery artists!"” August 20, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Englewood Festival for 2011

Family and Friends many who know what is important in life reached out and made a difference in life.    The difference in the quality of life.  I continue to be in awe of these wonderful people.  Kyung, Rita, Jay, Lori, Amy, young Jessica and Caralee who lives life fully and all teach.  These are the greatest gifts of love.                                                                       
This festival has always been very good for my family.  The folks that came out and purchased from each of the vendors were many friends and clients I have known for couple of decades here in Englewood.  Words cannot convey what my heart felt.  "Here comes the Sun" sold along with some 9 other pieces 3 of which went to a very special Angel (Rita) and her husband Jay.  Meeting the owners of the artwork where your work will share its love always leaves me amazed (they are the perfect owner of the work).    Jessica is a college student (ART) from California and now the owner of HERE COMES THE SUN Art.  Lori was another who purchased 2 pieces.  This was a pivotal festival and my heart cannot thank you each enough

Friday, August 5, 2011

Englewood Ohio Festival Aug 12-13-14

August 12, 2011.  Two days of festivities bring the wee ones to bath in the showers of the park.  Music, food and booths a plenty.  I've secured my regular setup across from the bands and live entertainment and intend to paint this year on site!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Artwork on Display


There are times in life that we all rush forward in a panic mode ;driven by our fears of what we do not understand in life. Mistakes are made when allowing these fears to overwhelm your spirit.   Knowing that one cannot take back or change what was done grieves the heart but must be accepted.  To turn back time focuses on changing the past.  If one had the ability to do that they would never learn from the lessons in life.  This was a lesson that was built into and agreed to in the blueprint of life before coming to Earth. Now have come to understand the value in learning this lesson at the cost of a dear friendship. When the mistakes are made in life with the people we love;  asking for forgiveness is all we can manage with Love.
mary-Sonya Conti
Jul 20, 2011 3:52 PM
The Akashic Records. What we can do to learn from the past; experience the present (gift) and change the future.

In honor of my mother Mary Sonya Fowler

celebrated on July 31.  She would have been 81 years young.  Remember her telling me: "Sonya maybe oils are not your medium."  Why don't you try acrylics or watercolors?  Without question went on to try the acrylics then ultimately wound back up with water based oils.  Still trying after all these years to please love; sent forward

This is the fourth year of professional painting and my 50th year of creating art so labeled  4/50  hence the title "Anniversary".Fine Art website

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Solo Showing Synesthesia Gallery June 24 Reception 6-9

Wasson Music hosts the Synesthesia Gallery with featured artists'.  Am pleased to announce that my work
will be shown from June 24 through August 5, 2011.  Location is Centerville, Ohio at 35 Marco Lane.
StRt 48 intersection turn left.

Synesthesia is an educational, multi-sensory gallery representing featured artists and local musicians.
Opening Reception will be from 6pm to 9pm June 24th.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Thaw - Koi R2D2

Koi Spring thaw, watercolor 28x20 on hot press

Saturday, March 12, 2011


oil, 8x10 work reproduced from
photo taken by Christy Jennewein
Director, Cannery Art and Design Center

Direction of blog has an under current right now. Trying to find my way back to the artwork while dealing with life. Did not foresee how difficult it would be as the energy and emotion spent in the doing uses up the creativity sought in the "making". (we all have it rough right now) Am working on a rather large canvas at present so there will be fewer pieces to post weekly.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moonlight Serenade

As often happens on the night before a show,
find myself trying to get a featured piece to "hang" from for the gala. Have been experimenting with printer's ink and watercolors on Yupo. (will reload a better image of this piece
if -doesn't get selected for a Valentine's gift this evening)

Yes, this piece is based off of January's Morning song from 2008. Looking out upon the snow covered field late into winter worked to capture the moon's glow. Yupo is a very forgiving surface in that development of the design and composition is in constant movement. 11x13 mixed media. watercolor, fluid acrylic and "ink".

Come join the artists at Art at Yankee Trace tonight; 6-9
Francine Riley is the featured artist
10000 Yankee Street , Centerville , OH 45458

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love's Lyric - Peony

Commission on it's way to owner in time for Valentine's Day.
New owner of this piece loves peony's. May this one bloom all year round for her (as a reminder of the one who purchased it for her).

Saturday, February 5, 2011 Dashboard for msonya Dashboard for msonya

In the moment

This piece was created several years ago. The colors are as vibrant and vivid as the day that finished the work. Esoteric Awakenings titled, symbolic of the direction have taken. Change would have taken with the value and hue of the mountain range in retrospect, but not the direction.

Each first Friday of the month the gallery (CADC, The Cannery) holds our art presentation meet and greet. After a month long of very little contact with the real world was apprehensive in tapping into the well and opening up to those around. Christy Jennewein (our artist Director) had spent the last couple of weeks painting the gallery spaces and moving the art around. To walk the gallery space and rediscover the artwork within is a step away from the hectic pace most of us have allowed to be routine in our lives day to day. My work has been moved to another space within the gallery. I share booth space with a talented artist (Brenden Higgins). Found it more open and the lighting well done (Thank you JOHN!) The work that went in to this presentation and over all gallery reconstruction made one feel that they were walking into another world. Many artist coming together giving the patron a variety of visual exploration and emotion. After nightfall went out and peered into each window of the gallery. Each held a different view of possibilities within.
Modern, Contemporary, Classic, Realistic, Impressionism and Expressionism.
The key, variety.

To the young man that allowed me to tap into what your "taste" in art might be: Know you were not prepared for the initiation that felt the need to thrust upon you yet you did not balk. In discovering what you were looking for in art you let me into your space.(Thank you) we shared (connected). Each of us is so unique. In showing you the different tapestry available (different strokes of the artists) we found treasures within the gallery that appreciated. Moving artwork around (pairing it with another piece) allows one to more closely examine what we briefly glimpse prior. (Christy had touched on this very conversation with me earlier in the week). Please hear what had said. Art is an investment. Stocks and Bonds fluctuate; artwork does not fluctuate with the market. In time they become richer (should you choose the work you believe in and purchase it because it is of value to you).
We artist are waiting to connect with you and make the music that carries us over time. We want to expand on your future concept and expectations and become touchstones. Become a foundation shared in life to build from. Futures; not past or present but going forward from this moment.

To the couple who had recently moved back to Dayton from Sweden. Welcome home and we are increased by your presence. So love the lyrical accent and looking at the world through your eyes. It brings freshness and excitement with a renewed "look" at what tend to take for granted sometimes. If you have any interest in any of the art in the gallery - please ask away. This is not about just my art!

To the ladies who stood before the tin art with delicate stones inlaid- You cannot duplicate those colors shimmering upward (from the art and yourselves) the light shines and vibrates when we stop for a few minutes and focus creating not just memories but validation. It's original and lessons in life.

I probably should come with a warning tag when approaching me. Beware; passionate about the work; in love with the people, curious and ever ready to tell ya! (may I always be honest without/decreasing, respect and appreciate you the Patron) By writing about the experiences and folks talk to; my mind provides a snapshot of the individual their opinions and emotion at that time and the intensity of their presence. (Esoteric awakening)