Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Pitiful Pearl is now revealed with the gallery of The Artist Challenge
Do you still have your childhood doll?

Heard from the Producer at the CBS Sunday Morning show

email from the producer of the show sent the following to the challenge site:


Thank you so much again for sending me these magnificent suns. They’re beautiful, and useful, and I appreciate them more than you can imagine.

You can be sure that I’ll be using all of them at some time or another, maybe as early as tomorrow morning if the opportunity arises. I opened your envelope, took one look at these, and rushed them down to our graphics guy immediately so that he could record them.

Check your e-mail in the AM, just in case one airs tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll definitely keep you posted as to when we use them.


Have a great weekend.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Yesterday transplanted cleaned out two flower beds

and then awoke this morning to two inches of SNOW. That's it, going to head to the gallery today to take down the snow scenes. Got couple of shrubs moved yesterday and transplanted some smaller flowers right before it started to rain here. Now wondering if the late snowfall will nip the buds of the lilacs. Ole' man winter is not done with us yet.

Friday, March 19, 2010

in work

Sometimes one can fall into a piece and your off and running. This is a crop of a piece am working on for Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Reminding me more and more of a dream catcher.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Peony Poetry

Working on another floral and lo and behold received an announcement from my host site.

Congratulations! Your painting, "Peony Poetry", was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the February 2010 FineArtViews Painting competition.

The comments left on the blog and this "notice" of work are gifts in life. Art is not a struggle for me,(it is my teacher these days) nor am I left to starve (have met many wonderful clients through the sale of the work and am very grateful that can use that money to continue on my journey) . Am truly rich in spirit and blessed to be doing what love to do.

Silent prayer, may I never take for granted the kindness and love extended from those special people.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

CBS Sunday morning show SUNART Library

Spring time in the Valley...slowly she approaches with the constant rain and illusive rays of sunshine. Long for sunflowers and warmth to thaw out the bone chilling cold of old man winter. Song replays in mind, "here comes the sun" as post this morning. A loss of one hour in the time change should be made note of as won't get that back until the fall. How quickly life flies.
Another SunArt added to the Library. Check out SUNART
for even more WARMTH. Started applying the finish to this yesterday. Considering painting on an additional layer to give the definition to the outer sphere of the sun for depth. This will magnify the Sun and give it dimension when final application is applied.

Was interesting to watch Rock Solid (HGTV) yesterday. They featured a piece of art that could be put on the outer wall of a Patio area that had been finished to "waterproof" the art of outdoor use. This is exactly what have developed this finish to do. Bring your art to your OUTDOOR living area. The finish waterproofs the work and protects it from the elements (wind/rain) Will admit, although the work holds up to the harsh winters in the area; value the art enough to keep it out of direct sunlight (hang under a overhang) and snowfalls. (Direct sunlight softens the finish but it returns to "normal" when cooled-no change in artwork) Extreme cold does nothing to the finish. To clean any of the work all that is needed is a soft cloth with furniture polish applied to it. Quick once over restores it to "shinning" condition.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vikki's Blog

Take time to scan down the right hand side of artist's and friends. Land on Vikki North's creation of Harpo. The writing behind the piece is timeless. Memories flood back from sitting in front of the TV and watching the character who was without a voice yet still able to capture our imagination.(Vikki has lived the world behind the scenes). Oh to pass on the richness of our memories and do them justice later in life. Vikki is the Master "Mistress" of this technique. Be well worth your time spent in reading her blog! (how rich we are by those who share their time and memories so freely)

Lao Tzo said it best "doing- without trying to do".
Read Robert Genn's twice weekly letter posted today. (it's as if Vikki's work was the basis for the letter!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arrival in Seoul Korea

Heard from the happy client. Excellent packing job; custom papers all in order; and artwork better than what had anticipated. So much so, they are asking for other pieces that would be a good mate for Through a child's eyes. When developed Evening Light had a seasonal series in mind with the "leaves". Client has in hand (via the net imaging) this image and two others. Back to holding my breath (but real big smile evident on this face)!