Monday, November 16, 2009

Autumn’s Escape

Deep within the Smokey Mountains, LeConte trails wind their way up and down the mountain to a clearing that is very familiar to this painter. This scene is a hidden treasure in all seasons. Nothing quite prepares you for the sound, colors and smells that belong only to the misty blue mountains of Tennessee.

My son and daughter-in-law brought back this beautiful image for my library of references. As a family, we’re anticipating the autumn escape in the next two weeks. A simple cabin deep within the mountains; days filled with hiking to an area that will allow one to paint “plein air” rather than from reference images.

The rest of the family will be off, while I find focus and hope to capture the beauty, and do justice, for what the creator has given us. “Smokies in the Autumn- paint brush in hand.

My painting is called Autumn's Escape. It is a 28”x 20″ canvas and done in Watercolor. It is matted in a  double (crème tone) with a silver/gold foil wood frame . For purchase, you can contact me here.
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