Monday, January 17, 2011

Tapestry selected for the Inferno

16x20 Watercolor on board (framed)
Pleased to announce this piece has been selected as motivation for the writers' of The Inferno.


What lays before her is a liquid rolling rich ocean of canvas; threaded deep the satin cotton
of the minds' eye .

The embroidery design of peaks and valleys, slipped, blind, and knotted stitches have developed
the grand original that was, is and has been her life. Who See's the overall plan of these
childhood wishes, spent dreams, young adult steps "becoming of" wife-woman ultimately a mother's hope of your own. For what have I lived you ask?

You are a unique piece of the quilt that am interwoven with on Earth turning to liquid rolling and of great depth of your being. So perfect and bejeweled; necessary and loved viewed from the Creator a tapestry of perfect love are we.

That is what you have lived for; this ocean quilted in rich tapestry intertwined in each other.

Following is the announcement - are you a writer?
why not join in. It's FREE

Welcome to The Coxswain and the 4th project of our free mid-themes!

We are fortunate, me hearties, to be inspired this time by The Artist Challenge's own

Mary Sonya Conti's painting


hanging in The Inferno now

Please feel free to write in any style that you wish and with the interpretation your muse decides upon.

Submissions due by

Sunday, January 23rd (7 pm Central)

The Crew of The Inferno
Artistic Rhythms

Sunday, January 16, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning Show SUNART Prints available

Impressionistic lover of colors?
Contact me through email for price quote on size; style of any of the sun art pieces.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning SunArt Library 2011

This is the Original Image 16x20 fluid acrylics with watercolor glazes.

Sunlight Dream Weaver


To develop prints for each piece darken the contrast and boost various lighting on the piece changing values and original color. Contemporary, Modern, Illustrative, Impressionistic

the artist challenge

Collecting Suns?-Prints available contact me through email.
All sizes available in addition to giclee on canvas

*Most popular size and presentation is the 16" x 20" on Giclee Somerset paper
for $79 plus shipping handling (this month $12.00)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

CBS Sunart Preview

Sun art 2011 preview
instead of a Winter scene to welcome the New Year concept has been developed for the CBS Sunday Morning Show Sun Art Library. Our individual presentations (the artist challenge site) of "the sun" will warm up the winter eve while viewing it tonight (8pm est).
After completing the work like to snap open a fortune cookie, read the fortune within; sit back and contemplate the possibilities of the next blank canvas.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

On Schoodic's Shore

Starting of a New Year

this video from a wonderful artist (that follow) who's work conveys the emotional appeal I seek.
When need to focus and "feel" the art; find getting lost in Stapleton Kearns are my constant touchstones these days.

Creating the work day to day evolves around Vikki North's site motivates and moves the brushwork into action. Working on Sun Art 2011 to be previewed Jan 8, 2011. (Please visit the site and consider entering your own sunshine for the Library)

Nay, no resolutions, no promises to keep this year. Concentration on living and being the best that can be.