Friday, July 30, 2010

reveal for GONE with the WIND Gallery

Have you ever tried to capture what you don't see. The theme for the artist challenge was from the infamous movie "gone with the wind". There are times am in awe of the force of the wind. Tornado, hurricanes, even a brisk March wind has power. The air becomes charged with a certain glow; prism of light charged. Often wonder how do the birds of the air still stay afloat. This is that perspective with the feel and the glow.

This piece is 16x20x2. Acrylic fluids. Original available and will have reproductions and giclee upon request.

(Side note; Cheryl-thank you for sending the photograph of your Acacia tree blooms of your homeland Canada. The delicate flowers are what got my mind wrapped around this piece! the bark is not the same- artistic liberties me thinks!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CADC aka The Cannery Art and Design Center

In June 2010, celebrated my first year with the Gallery in Dayton Ohio. The website can be found at
May 5, 2010 ... 434 E. Third Street Dayton, OH 45402 937-228-2232

Was able to make the end of the board meeting for the Gallery and meet some of the members. To have support and interest in the Arts; particularly our Gallery is like a fresh cool rain on a humid hot day here in Dayton. I am excited by what heard and reading over the notes from this meeting.

Talk was of starting a new "web site". To this day have not been able to get a working link to the gallery posted on the blog. To think that perhaps soon we will have a working site AND the possibility of "regular posting" from the site rather than relying on social networking sites...reality check time!

FOOT NOTE: The Cannery is the ORIGINAL First Friday site in Dayton Ohio a number of years ago. In the last several; many of the Arts have taken a cue from the success of this idea by Christy Jennewein. Once again she is making another major move in bringing the Board into our Gallery; a host of talent and support.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Still life, a path along the way

This is the second work that have for the still life gallery previewing this evening from The Artist Challenge. Often a still life is an "arranged" setting with flowers, vases, luscious cloth coverings. The leaves are "lost" or become the backdrop of the beautiful floral renderings. I love greens. Appreciate the variations of the veining in a leaf that too often becomes secondary to the setting.

300lb watercolor paper provided the backdrop for channels, paths and secret garden delights for the acrylic inks and fluid acrylics. Each morning am up early to water hanging plants. As the porch faces east the morning light pours on the flowers and front flower beds. Love working outside when painting. Something about the early morning that makes the paint flow more freely.

With the garden watered, flower beds spot weeded....turning to the paint to finish another focus.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gerald Brommer and Nick Simmons Workshops

Have finished the commissioned piece that Dr. Kaz requested for her business in Piqua, Ohio. (Piqua Family Dental) titled Spirit of Living and also intend to use this for Artist Community site submission.

Having attended Gerald's workshop at Kanuga this spring incorporated the line and shape elements (sans collage work) with Nick Simmons "pouring of fluid acrylics" and the "jewel light" with pure color in a zone upon zone style. Letting the design dictate to you the technique you use keeps one from "tiring" of the work. As Nick stated use of plan B and C and so forth is a must when working with water based paints. Predictability; none only the surprises that come by way of the paint doing it's thing. Originally the work was to be painted on the front window of the business with stained glass paints. Location, location, location opted out for a large Sign in front of the building so the office had more visibility. Dr. Kaz still wanted a piece of art for the "fireplace" within her business. Off to the printer now develop a giclee with the Business logo for the large reproduction.

the latest theme on The artist challenge is featuring still life. Food, floral, place settings; rather a "spirit" of living and connecting? Believe that life is anything but still so this has also become one of my selections (original and reproductions are available).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ON LINE SALE-No shipping fees in US

Have been a member of the Etsy site since 2008. With not much movement and layered into the many Art sites; decided would try and get some movement and interest. All prints/reproductions of the work are on water color papers (variety-cold/hot press and yupo) To keep the cost down ($15.00) and make free shipping still a possibility have elected to NOT mat the 8x10 pieces. Rest assured all are quality reproductions and archival. Finish each one with a clear mat finish for extra protection. Please feel free to browse through the right hand side entrance from this blog. Hope everyone had a FINE 4th of July!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Footsteps in life

Little did know when worked on this piece that we would find ourselves facing the devastation of the Gulf. With each hour that passes, more oil is pouring into the waters. There have been overhead filming of dolphins, whales, sea life struggling (loosing) their lives. The coastline marshes will disappear. And told earliest possible August in stopping the spill. Helpless and well aware of the life long mark this will leave on Mother Earth in our own back yard. We are one of the riches societies on the face of the Earth; why then?

Maybe not a piece that want to point with pride now. Remember had a discussion also with another artists of how "pretty" oil mixed with water was and how to capture that on canvas. My mind reels in wanting to "take back" those words.