Thursday, November 26, 2009

Over the river and through the woods

Song is one of the top 10 songs that celebrate the Day. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL.
Your each unique, like no other, and oh so precious. Wishing you all light, love from someone who holds you dear!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Original Fine Art on sale now

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Over the River and through the woods

10 percent Christmas Sale Original Artwork
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anonymously we walk in life - Aura Meditation for the Holiday

often wonder what attracts us to each other. Of late believe it's our light within that one first recognizes on a deeper level. The piece represents these "aura signatures" that we each carry. The red/orange of the root area, the yellow of the solar plexis, green of the heart (earth tie) blue for the senses (eyes, throat, mouth) and upper hemisphere tie of the spiritual connection (purple). The radiation of the strongest colors magnify each to a level when one tries to strengthen our priorities in life.

For this Thanksgiving Holiday and into the Christmas tidings this piece is a reminder... meditate on the gifts (love) given freely of others and give thanks for those we pass along the way.

As above,
so below

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Savings on Art for the Holidays

Looking to "save" this holiday? All artwork has a discount from now until Dec 20th. Drop me a line and we will "deal" so that the work is in your home by Christmas or the New Year. Artwork for sale can be found at and

Monday, November 16, 2009

Autumn’s Escape

Deep within the Smokey Mountains, LeConte trails wind their way up and down the mountain to a clearing that is very familiar to this painter. This scene is a hidden treasure in all seasons. Nothing quite prepares you for the sound, colors and smells that belong only to the misty blue mountains of Tennessee.

My son and daughter-in-law brought back this beautiful image for my library of references. As a family, we’re anticipating the autumn escape in the next two weeks. A simple cabin deep within the mountains; days filled with hiking to an area that will allow one to paint “plein air” rather than from reference images.

The rest of the family will be off, while I find focus and hope to capture the beauty, and do justice, for what the creator has given us. “Smokies in the Autumn- paint brush in hand.

My painting is called Autumn's Escape. It is a 28”x 20″ canvas and done in Watercolor. It is matted in a  double (crème tone) with a silver/gold foil wood frame . For purchase, you can contact me here.

Morning Glory

...when moments are random; silence a premium that escapes you pause; there will I wait for you. Miss nothing in life by being "comfortably numb". My love of painting stems from the need to slow life down. I try to prompt the viewer to reflect, ignite a memory from their own past. Time becomes suspended and the memory awakens, connecting you and I. The artwork is on various surfaces (claybord, aquabord, hotpress/coldpress and Yupo) All of the media is water based. There is use of collage work to provide tactile stimulation. Photography plays a key role in capturing the focus and feel of what am trying to convey. Incorporate the use of various art programs to establish composition, value studies, focus of possibilities then set down to paint. The theme incorporates Earth, Air, Water, Fire mixed to portray the human condition.