Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Storm o're sun duality | Mary Sonya Conti Art

Storm o're sun duality | Mary Sonya Conti Art

What does my heart tell me is my purpose?
     Do I know or am I still discovering the answers
     What have I come to know  about this so far?

Does it feel as if  the Spirit has plans for me that I'm turning a blind eye to?
     How can I describe this feeling and how do I know?

Am I able to bring a fulfilling vision of the future into the now by
beginning down the path toward it? 
     Do I resist this journey because it feels more comfortable to remain in wishful thinking?

Am I afraid of achieving this goal and living this life I envision?  Is fear holding me back in
any way?  What is this fear?

Should I make peace with this fear so that is subsides or should I explore it further.
What feels right?

a New way of looking at your future by Colette Baron-Reid

Love and Prayers that help will come soon

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just $10.00 will make a difference to those of the East Coast and New York
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Imagine one day with out clean water - adequate facilities.  Know that there are many out there surrounded by polluted flood waters; cold winter winds and no power.

We buy a cup of coffee each morning on the way to work; why not hit
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