Saturday, August 20, 2011

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John R. Math

, Owner, Light Space & Time Art Gallery (business partner)
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“"We have been very fortunate to have Mary-Sonya participate in several of our past Art Competitions. Mary-Sonya's art is unique and creative in both style and technique. Because of her artistic skills, in every competition Mary-Sonya has entered she has be placed as a winner. Next month Mary-Sonya will be featured in our Artist Showcase which is an honored position within our organization. In all of my dealings with Mary-Sonya she was timely, prompt and thorough. We are very proud to have Mary-Sonya as one of our winning gallery artists!"” August 20, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Englewood Festival for 2011

Family and Friends many who know what is important in life reached out and made a difference in life.    The difference in the quality of life.  I continue to be in awe of these wonderful people.  Kyung, Rita, Jay, Lori, Amy, young Jessica and Caralee who lives life fully and all teach.  These are the greatest gifts of love.                                                                       
This festival has always been very good for my family.  The folks that came out and purchased from each of the vendors were many friends and clients I have known for couple of decades here in Englewood.  Words cannot convey what my heart felt.  "Here comes the Sun" sold along with some 9 other pieces 3 of which went to a very special Angel (Rita) and her husband Jay.  Meeting the owners of the artwork where your work will share its love always leaves me amazed (they are the perfect owner of the work).    Jessica is a college student (ART) from California and now the owner of HERE COMES THE SUN Art.  Lori was another who purchased 2 pieces.  This was a pivotal festival and my heart cannot thank you each enough

Friday, August 5, 2011

Englewood Ohio Festival Aug 12-13-14

August 12, 2011.  Two days of festivities bring the wee ones to bath in the showers of the park.  Music, food and booths a plenty.  I've secured my regular setup across from the bands and live entertainment and intend to paint this year on site!