Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the Year

Your dreams are a recognition of what you truly are and how you can contribute to this world. You will never do anything else in life more important than this. In fact, in a very real sense there is nothing else in life but this. There is no true retirement from the contributions you can make in this life. You literally live the dream that is your life to your very last breath" Quote from Thomas Herold

Not going to set goals for the New Year. Consider the statement "goals are artificially created by the mind and backed up by the concepts that allow them to work. Take away the concepts and beliefs that give them foundation to live and your goals will evaporate in no time at all.

Rather; shall put more effort and energy in to my dreams. The pull between the mental and physical domains to obtain a "goal" that I have limited or "capped" my potential needs to be reconsidered. "Dreams are powered by Source, by the ultimate power of conciousness"
Your dreams are the recognition of what you can do with the unique gifts and talents you have brought into this life. We each exist with a unique set of talents. "

Wishing all a Blessed New Year much love and light shared.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Life

There are several loved ones pregnant this Holiday Season.
One who carries triplets, another with twins and yet another with with a child who is just as precious as the one before.

Surprises, tears, increased concern for life but all very much loved.

Watched the Nativity last night. Mary who carried our gift to the world and Joseph who cried in the birth both gave us another gift. Trust in the Creator.

May you receive and share with me this confirmation of his Love.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Social Networking repeat posting but just as heartfelt

Mary Sonya Conti post to twitter, facebook, linkedin site; these have become popular vehicles to market our art. But are we really hitting home with these short sound bites? Do folks want more; do they get bored and click away and have I interrupted your reading for naught?

belong to another site: where started this posting early this morn as the snow fell softly o're my world. For all the memories have wanted to share the inner felt emotion of this season to any who happen to cross my path along the way not with a piece of art but with my childlike memory from early childhood memories.

Mary Sonya Conti quote This Missouri bred mule just came from the Whispering Musing site of the Inferno and steps back into the Pub that glistens. has that low light glow of a cozy "down home" under the blanket, snuggly warm feel to it. (See why I don't write for the Inferno, smile). There are times that have in the wee daylight hours that are routine and look forward to (Some call it their special time for me). Folks being so busy and distracted (as do I oft find myself press forward and just go with the flow) While reading the musings my mind settles in on a Christmas morning memory from childhood and recall many details. It's one of those earliest memories not sure can place the year/age. The memory slides back so easily due to first real "dusting" of snow. Wet snow the kind that covers all the grayness and shadows of winter. Some light hit's it here and there; I pick out the "pearls" that are not made of mankind but are gifts of celestial upward hand. This memory of peeking out the lace hand made curtains of time. The mind echos with childlike voice singing Happy Birthday to Jesus while the tree lights bubble and glow. The cousins, brothers and sisters spread out on the floor still fast asleep under the mounds of Aunt Lissa's home made quilts and the new fallen snow; I knew that moment was a keeper; even recall thinking "this is special it's mine" To all who enter here and those beyond. Will take this time to wish you much love and light for the Holiday and Blessings in the New Year. Those who celebrate the Holidays with a Menorah, the Christmas trees of others who sing Happy Birthday, the sharing of gifts between us all and those who may even not celebrate at all-your each one a miracle, your special and this time and memory is mine.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Smoky Mountain Autumn

ALLRIGHT THEN....the individual whose name had drawn for this piece has just contacted me.
She is as happy as I am to receive the artwork. Was starting to get very nervous as still no answer came back from her email address. Had written the third time to advise if she could not claim the work simply drop me a line and would hold it for after the holidays. 'course SPAM in our in baskets keep lot of folks from answering back. Filling the SUBJECT line with the works title did not make her open up the email. It finally became Smoky Mt Autumn will go to a new Home in January
that made her open it up. Mental note for next drawing. Must have valid phone number with email address.
Still hoping that Ian will prompt his Mom (Marcia) to contact me for the artwork promised.
Do believe in Angels as well as Santa Claus!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's make a deal!

see any of my art that you would like to purchase? Give me your price range and let's see if we can make a deal for the Holidays

two sites carry the work. and

Holiday Fine Art Sale

watercolor as time fades the actual memory of a certain time and place; one recalls a glimpse of the subject or a spark of possibility. We connect.

I am a Daily Painter, however my work is not finished in a day. The watercolor, acrylic inks, collage and glazing that is done to the work cannot be completed in a 24 hour period and quite frankly, my work develops and expands to give the owner of the work the best that the work can give.

At this time of year we all want sales. All of my remaining inventory is on sale. If you still want a price that meets your budget this month; contact me

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oren's Touch

as often do got out the watercolors and painted a familar scene that haunts and
at the same time calls me to paint. Youngun by the name of Owen stood by. Gave the young hopeful the brush and asked him to make his stroke. With hesitation but excitement in his eyes he dipped in the paint and gingerly started to make strokes within the tree. Magical...the moment.

Yes Oren, Have kept your strokes atop the great Pine.

view of Pastel/Watercolor Ian's Star

Winner of Smoky Mountain Autumn

Karen, you walked away saying you never win anything.....yet your name was drawn.
Trying to reach you through your hotmail account. Do so hope you left me a valid email address. Please contact me ASAP so this can be wrapped for the Holidays.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Handmade Festival Fri/Sat at 20N Jefferson St

Hours are 5-10pm on Friday Dec 3 and 3-10pm Saturday. Looking for affordable gifts for the holidays? 5.00 10.00 50.00 99.00 based on size.
Artwork is all mine with specialty finish. Also reducing my prints (8x10) with 11x14 mat (15.00 for these two days only) Easels are limited in number for 3-5.00 to hold your miniature art. First Friday event (its on the bus tour)