Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interest in the art

Coming up to submission time again for the Sun Art of CBS Sunday Morning Show. Working on a new concept. Received a call from the client that bought the original looking for more of the same. Have promised them first "peek" then will post online.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Through a childs' eyes on way to new home in Korea

Finally, the piece has been shipped.
This one was included in the Holiday "Artists in Auction" last December. Unfortunately it has taken this long to finalize all transactions. In preparing the shipping documents to Seoul Korea became little sentimental about sending the piece off. Trish McKinney was instrumental in encouraging me back into the world of marketing my Art. Last time had shown my work was by way of Ft. Wayne Ind back in the early '80s. This piece has the name in response to a young child who happen to be walking past us while we were learning techniques that Trish was demonstrating. Watching the mixing of the colors the child became so excited that his Mother was having trouble moving him along.
It's one thing for us to start developing work and quite another watching the excitment of a young child who see's what colors mixed with water can do for the first time. Infectious.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Art on the Trace - Saturday weigh in time

getting ready for show at The Trace. Enjoy taking photographs of flowers at night. You get a quality that is not crystal clear as in daylight and very moody. Working on series of "florals" with this night light mood. Will include them in the works for Art on the Trace tomorrow

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


maybe it's just that have been snowed in for last several days; the need to paint the snow capped trees must be given in to. (not finished) have to state that because there are some nearby that wonder if that's where am going at the moment. (smile)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sandy Maudlin's Workshop

Have you ever tried painting on Yupo? Sandy made it look so easy and was absolutely fearless in developing the work. Had managed to get a floral started but in working with it this weekend; it slipped away. Have set it aside and will come back to it later. The acrylic fluids on Yupo STAY put when dried. This was an end of workshop photo and she went on to add the human element which invites the eye even further into the work. Check her site!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

White Snow Blossoms of Winter

only ten inches but reminds me of white gloves upon the tree top "fingers"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Upon mystic pond

this has a skewed point of perspective but will go back and work with the photo before adding it to the galleries. Cleaning up the "pond" this winter before another snow hits and noticed the depth of the water below the leaves and spent blooms that were just below and on the surface inspired this semi-abstract piece. It is done on three different canvases with the acrylic inks and fluids. Went back in to tighten up the spent blooms and berries. Have found that "playing with the starts frees up my thinking and work within the more "traditional pieces.

The birds still pick from the pond even though it is fast freezing up again. And somewhere deep below sleeps R2D2 (our goldfish

To purchase upon Mystic Pond @300.00USD 20x24 black frame with white mat

Above the Thunder preview

this is half the canvas and still being developed. In between the "theme" challenges of theartistchallenge.com site shall work slowly now on this piece. Vikki North's challenge site is one of artists connecting with other artists around the world. Two themes are selected each month to build work upon. (The theme concept is presented by the artists and voted on rather than selecting an idea from random) One theme is a free theme-and always available. The other is a minimal charged theme. No other "fees" are collected for the work entry. No monthly dues. The most important element of the site is the ability to "share" with the many talents that are within the site. Artists love to share and more importantly these personalities are real. Marketing drives many artists these days due to the economy. Within this site find that can reach the spirit of why I paint and pull from that light something that does not NEED to be marketed. Each work exists and is alive and am greater for the "Company" of time well spent with these folks.

The bonus, is the writer's challenge that is extended for the theme. What cannot paint into the work is extended by the written word with the INFERNO site. Often I read what one of the writer's has developed from the theme in "prose, poem or story and know (deep from within) yes.....that is what wanted to "SAY" with the work.