Friday, January 29, 2010

Above the Thunder

no image today; was concerned that the work would not be finished by the deadline and that concern started pushing me so am stopping now. Will post an in work presentation as this piece is a private collection. I will not "hurry" it.
Art that takes on a personal meaning changes by the moment. I believe because it has a deep personal level and the need is there to do "justice" to the person it cannot be rushed no matter how much the heart wants to share.
Will post the theme titled Above the Thunder. (Story my Mother wrote).
Am telling myself that it is just emerging from it's cocoon. The theme is the Butterfly Circus for Vikki North's site.
There are a lot of thoughts going through my mind and trying to adjust them as well as the brush strokes. Do not want to capitalize on my Brothers spirit as sincerely believe it would a moral error to do so. In explanation mean his physical look was odd and obviously that of a handicap child. My Mother and Father were told to "institutionalize" Ricky. Put him away; unseen, hidden as if there was something obscene about his appearance. Back in those days (50-60's) time's were a-changing. My Mother, being the "lioness" she was had few choice words for these suggestions. I smile at the way she loved to shock them with her not so delicate retorts.
History: Family used to "go to the Drive-In each Saturday night. All seven of us would be loaded into the old wood panel station wagon with Ricky in the very back. No car seats in those days so we all fit one over the other knowing we would be spreading out the blankets on the top of the car when Daddy found the right hill. The car was angled so that he could lift his head up and watch over the back seat. Now and again he would holler out Huckleberry Hound at top of his lungs and then just laugh a laugh that was infectious. His jump rope would be sent flying into the seat in front with the flick of a finger after it was carefully balanced (my other brother was sure it was well planned as he was often the target of a direct hit).
The movies became less and less after I was 10. You see, invariable we would pull in at the back of the lot and those next to us would look over at the kids piling out of the car setting up theater seats and their eyes would rest on Ricky.
I never really understood the problem until that summer night. Mama and Daddy started arguing. What were they saying? Ricky was a distraction that Mama should realize people were going to stare and why did that Kid keep pointing and saying Daddy theres an Alien; My brother and I immediately stood up on the roof looking for the Mother Ship. As am sure you can gather there was a scene not quieted by the sun setting and the movie starting. The other cars moved away...we were left in the lot; tears were flowing from my Fathers eyes. Had not seen that before.
Does one do justice? I believe we live in a more accepting world today. Ricky's "looks" are abnormal yet, am told you before he was sent to Earth with a greater purpose in life. He loved unconditionally; had very few "wants" in life and
you were always rewarded with a "loving gaze" when you walked in to change his diaper or give him his bottle of chocolate milk. On his good days he would shout out Huckleberry Hound to herald your arrival.
This piece is done in honor of spirit who changed the way we looked at another human being. It is not the outward appearance we need concern ourselves with; it is the Spirit and acceptance of Life. Respect.
When viewed the Butterfly Circus, the carnival attraction who sat trapped on that chair while being ridiculed and assaulted by the young boys brought some memories back full force. I never considered what Ricky was capable of thinking looking at life from his 3-4 year old profile. How he needed to wait on "us" for any of his needs. Patience, frustration, some anger; now sure he must have felt those nor did I consider his spontaneous shout out when walking into his room and how much miss it to this day. He went home a very old man for his condition (23).
The doctors told Mama and Daddy he would be lucky to live until 7. He suffered Jacksonian seizures (Epilepsy). His fragile 6ft frame could not sustain the weight of his enlarged head so he spent his time laying on his back in that last year leading to passing due to complications of pneumonia and the seizures that became daily.
As the actor in Butterfly Circus found his higher plateau in life; my Brother
lived his and taught unconditionally just in his existence in our lives. The piece am working on are various stages of his life that are committed to my memory of him.
Will post my Mother's story as she was deeply woven into his Spirit when the work is finished. For now; accept the work with the love that is threaded into it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

another Hubble Image - Butterfly

Instincts while painting lead me to this image. Was trying to decide what element would tie the theme to the work besides the obvious. My brother was born with hydrocephalus (enlarged head due to buildup of fluid). It is not know whether his condition was a result of the beating my mother sustained while she carried him. It certainly caused his early birth. Often there were times Ricky was looked on in shock with many a face that turned away. Yet, what we saw was a child with transparent skin untouched by the Sun's rays, who was well loved and cherished by the six other children who grew up with him. A "special child given from above" was often what Mama would state. No abnormality did we see; only his simple love of the most unconditional kind which taught each of us the life long lesson not to judge by outward appearance. (The beating was by Ricky's father who soundly felt it his "right" to rid her of the child she carried) My mother had divorced him because of his jealousies and his beatings when she was only 5 months along. My Father gave Ricky his name Jack Richard and the love of a real Father for his son. My mind often rests on our Brother Jesus reciting "Our Father who art in Heaven" in drawing parallels of unconditional Love. I look upward for signs and answers to unfinished thoughts; how appropriate the "Hubble" should find The Butterfly out there in the heavens the symbol of transformation into a beautiful creation.

Please take the time to view the short film, The Butterfly Circus. It is the theme picked for January's next gallery on Reveal will be January 30th.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Working on Butterfly Circus

Had an epiphany today

Ok, admit, used the Webster to make sure had it spelled right and used in the proper context.

At any rate, off and on rain (from the West Coast and Missouri Valley area no doubt).
Enough to make the ground swell and water puddle up only here in Ohio. Spring is around the corner whisper's my inner id.

Throw the door open do I (my dog only ventures out in the rain with my insistant Hurry up; do your buisness and come on) in a tone not proud of. He get's half way out the door while spout my
statement and then turns round before have gotten it all out and returns inside 3 TIMES.

Now Bear is well trained extremely loyal and NEEDY as a young child who screams with glee when his Mom returns home after being gone for short time. Love him dearly but must admit was getting bit annoyed. Wait...

What was I saying...go do your business and COME on. He heels and returns instantantly to the
word Come. Had he not clearly shown me that over the years. In my angst...come on was an add on due to MY annoyance.

Goes to show you; we need to be concious of signals we send out.

Haiti devastation is top story and slowly see today less and less news. I still wonder if they have found another (after more than 10 days alive). Yes we are sending great amount of money now,
to rebuild and sustain. You and I both have done that. Share. We do that freely and without batting an eye. (Wish we could rally like that in our own back yard!) but we havent gotten to that level YET. What do I do the news is starting to become less; yet the need and existance is ongoing? For myself....daily prayer (thought if you are more prone to that)
I believe in Angels and the power of prayer. What I know is can send double signals on this earth plane. More focus for this year. No; not bleeding heart.....empathy is not an active tool must turn the thought into action even if it's just a remembrance daily.

Now, to those following; back to painting only have till Thursday to finish this piece am working on. Hopefully you'll move quickly over this post as Relying on quick wit and not listening to where my mind strays is not what want to do today. Kicking it to the curb and need the feel of paint on fingertips

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Side of Niagra Falls

Collage of American Falls

Turbulence Theme

Upcoming theme from Turbulence

Standing next to the falls (from the Canadian side) one is drawn in and becomes spellbound by the ever changing rhythm of the rushing waters. The advantage of being able to see the falls from both the upper edge as well as the lower view from the "Maiden of the Mist" astounds even the most casual of observers. Not only is the power there for you to see but one feels this turbulence underfoot. Many an image was captured while visiting both the Canadian and American side of the falls with sketches drawn while in reflection of this area. The rainbows are plentiful and each as delicate as the mist that rises from the depths below.