Thursday, January 31, 2013
Please be sure to leave a valid phone number and/or email address when requesting prints.
If possible; you can accelerate your order by stating wether you want canvas (giclee) prints,
size of and or declare fine art paper without matting. 

Have several clients who state they want a print, yet neither their phone number nor their email
address has produced verification.  (remember you can always change your mind on the pre-order)  You may reach me daily at
Love and light to all

face book can be an asset or a liability. 

Then there are moments that answer your questions about life here on earth and elsewhere in the

Always look up to gain the knowledge and answers our souls already understand.
Open your heart to each and every one and take them with you on your journey

Love and light to all-( yes it is very difficult to be silent )

Friday, January 25, 2013

Experience New Sun Creation

experience-all that is collected from one's past and present. The use of this knowledge when we look at the reflection of who we are on this plain of existance then...realize the POTENTIAL of what will be should we ascend. No duality...only as one upon the wings of the Holy Spirit. Thank you is the voice of January