Sunday, March 14, 2010

CBS Sunday morning show SUNART Library

Spring time in the Valley...slowly she approaches with the constant rain and illusive rays of sunshine. Long for sunflowers and warmth to thaw out the bone chilling cold of old man winter. Song replays in mind, "here comes the sun" as post this morning. A loss of one hour in the time change should be made note of as won't get that back until the fall. How quickly life flies.
Another SunArt added to the Library. Check out SUNART
for even more WARMTH. Started applying the finish to this yesterday. Considering painting on an additional layer to give the definition to the outer sphere of the sun for depth. This will magnify the Sun and give it dimension when final application is applied.

Was interesting to watch Rock Solid (HGTV) yesterday. They featured a piece of art that could be put on the outer wall of a Patio area that had been finished to "waterproof" the art of outdoor use. This is exactly what have developed this finish to do. Bring your art to your OUTDOOR living area. The finish waterproofs the work and protects it from the elements (wind/rain) Will admit, although the work holds up to the harsh winters in the area; value the art enough to keep it out of direct sunlight (hang under a overhang) and snowfalls. (Direct sunlight softens the finish but it returns to "normal" when cooled-no change in artwork) Extreme cold does nothing to the finish. To clean any of the work all that is needed is a soft cloth with furniture polish applied to it. Quick once over restores it to "shinning" condition.
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