Monday, November 16, 2009

Morning Glory

...when moments are random; silence a premium that escapes you pause; there will I wait for you. Miss nothing in life by being "comfortably numb". My love of painting stems from the need to slow life down. I try to prompt the viewer to reflect, ignite a memory from their own past. Time becomes suspended and the memory awakens, connecting you and I. The artwork is on various surfaces (claybord, aquabord, hotpress/coldpress and Yupo) All of the media is water based. There is use of collage work to provide tactile stimulation. Photography plays a key role in capturing the focus and feel of what am trying to convey. Incorporate the use of various art programs to establish composition, value studies, focus of possibilities then set down to paint. The theme incorporates Earth, Air, Water, Fire mixed to portray the human condition.

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