Friday, February 5, 2010

Above the Thunder preview

this is half the canvas and still being developed. In between the "theme" challenges of site shall work slowly now on this piece. Vikki North's challenge site is one of artists connecting with other artists around the world. Two themes are selected each month to build work upon. (The theme concept is presented by the artists and voted on rather than selecting an idea from random) One theme is a free theme-and always available. The other is a minimal charged theme. No other "fees" are collected for the work entry. No monthly dues. The most important element of the site is the ability to "share" with the many talents that are within the site. Artists love to share and more importantly these personalities are real. Marketing drives many artists these days due to the economy. Within this site find that can reach the spirit of why I paint and pull from that light something that does not NEED to be marketed. Each work exists and is alive and am greater for the "Company" of time well spent with these folks.

The bonus, is the writer's challenge that is extended for the theme. What cannot paint into the work is extended by the written word with the INFERNO site. Often I read what one of the writer's has developed from the theme in "prose, poem or story and know (deep from within) yes.....that is what wanted to "SAY" with the work.
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