Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pouring light

okay what to do while your waiting for the poured paint to dry on a rainy day? Take a step backward...

Finally done noodling with the sketch on Yupo and started pouring the paint yesterday. First layered dried (has mastic on it) and today started with 3rd and 4th colors. Had noticed the steps were stained with the acrylic and it wasn't washing away. Given the fact that paint doesn't adhere to these old concrete steps and that I HATE to see paint go to waste; yea, now have the "prettiest" gold and transparent brown front steps(smile). Yeah, front porch ceiling not completed (being short means you have to have extra long extension pole) am sitting here now wondering if the purple and blues will be just the right mix. Nawww, only kidding-will get porch paint for that project. DaVinci fluid acrylics too precious to come by to use on anything other than artwork!
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