Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC) has joined the Bergamo Center in presenting Fresh Art, Plein Art November 10 - 28 this month. The plein air artwork "Hope" started in May/June of this year is finished and on display at their Saint John Gallery. Yupo was the foundation for this "poured" painting. Work in fluid acrylics and brushwork in watercolor gives the piece vibrancy and sharp edges. The work is on the larger size of life (full sheet of yupo) and has many symbolic references worked into the stained glass reflections. Boxed framed with Dahmar finish. On Sale November and December for the Holidays.

Artist statement: While sitting in front of The Cannery downtown, started sketching a concept that unfolded from the foundation of the Church across the street. It had rained off and on; yet my thoughts were so heavy and dark that day that was determined to find the light. As is the tone of "first friday's" each month folks take time out of their busy schedules to make a night of it out on the town. Many a gentle soul stopped by to talk about the way the sunlight had peeked out and was
throwing beautiful rays late into the early evening. We talked of the economy, the
direction of Dayton, art, and each left me with their insight. I had come back that Sunday afternoon to start pouring the paint watching it mix with each color over the sketch roughly drafted into the composition that wanted for this piece. There were no passer-by's, nor audience to stop and mix with; only the work before me crying out the elements that begged to be included but not visual within the piece.
Hope for Dayton had been the original title to the piece. While taking it to Bergomo Center it has become something much more significant in my life. One word,
HOPE. We all have our shadows in life (past), our struggles in the climb to the mountain top views, goals, wants and needs. What makes us unique as individuals is the one word. Hope - all the mystic and prayers that encompass that word.
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