Monday, January 25, 2010

another Hubble Image - Butterfly

Instincts while painting lead me to this image. Was trying to decide what element would tie the theme to the work besides the obvious. My brother was born with hydrocephalus (enlarged head due to buildup of fluid). It is not know whether his condition was a result of the beating my mother sustained while she carried him. It certainly caused his early birth. Often there were times Ricky was looked on in shock with many a face that turned away. Yet, what we saw was a child with transparent skin untouched by the Sun's rays, who was well loved and cherished by the six other children who grew up with him. A "special child given from above" was often what Mama would state. No abnormality did we see; only his simple love of the most unconditional kind which taught each of us the life long lesson not to judge by outward appearance. (The beating was by Ricky's father who soundly felt it his "right" to rid her of the child she carried) My mother had divorced him because of his jealousies and his beatings when she was only 5 months along. My Father gave Ricky his name Jack Richard and the love of a real Father for his son. My mind often rests on our Brother Jesus reciting "Our Father who art in Heaven" in drawing parallels of unconditional Love. I look upward for signs and answers to unfinished thoughts; how appropriate the "Hubble" should find The Butterfly out there in the heavens the symbol of transformation into a beautiful creation.

Please take the time to view the short film, The Butterfly Circus. It is the theme picked for January's next gallery on Reveal will be January 30th.
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