Sunday, January 24, 2010

Had an epiphany today

Ok, admit, used the Webster to make sure had it spelled right and used in the proper context.

At any rate, off and on rain (from the West Coast and Missouri Valley area no doubt).
Enough to make the ground swell and water puddle up only here in Ohio. Spring is around the corner whisper's my inner id.

Throw the door open do I (my dog only ventures out in the rain with my insistant Hurry up; do your buisness and come on) in a tone not proud of. He get's half way out the door while spout my
statement and then turns round before have gotten it all out and returns inside 3 TIMES.

Now Bear is well trained extremely loyal and NEEDY as a young child who screams with glee when his Mom returns home after being gone for short time. Love him dearly but must admit was getting bit annoyed. Wait...

What was I saying...go do your business and COME on. He heels and returns instantantly to the
word Come. Had he not clearly shown me that over the years. In my angst...come on was an add on due to MY annoyance.

Goes to show you; we need to be concious of signals we send out.

Haiti devastation is top story and slowly see today less and less news. I still wonder if they have found another (after more than 10 days alive). Yes we are sending great amount of money now,
to rebuild and sustain. You and I both have done that. Share. We do that freely and without batting an eye. (Wish we could rally like that in our own back yard!) but we havent gotten to that level YET. What do I do the news is starting to become less; yet the need and existance is ongoing? For myself....daily prayer (thought if you are more prone to that)
I believe in Angels and the power of prayer. What I know is can send double signals on this earth plane. More focus for this year. No; not bleeding heart.....empathy is not an active tool must turn the thought into action even if it's just a remembrance daily.

Now, to those following; back to painting only have till Thursday to finish this piece am working on. Hopefully you'll move quickly over this post as Relying on quick wit and not listening to where my mind strays is not what want to do today. Kicking it to the curb and need the feel of paint on fingertips
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