Saturday, May 22, 2010

shu ha ri (three stages of learning)

Thank you Nicholas for pushing us along!

(this piece has been submitted to The Artist Challenge website under the theme concept of Portrait of an artist. Come spend some time and view many other artists concepts as well as the Inferno which are our talented writers who develop the written word in story or poetry stroke)

The journey have been on made so much sense in reading part 5 of Tony Smibert's "the professional watercolorist" from the Dec/Jan 2010 issue of international artist.

To condense he talks about the forms and techniques of earlier masters are copied by the beginning artist. Then the artist evolves by incorporating these techniques into their"own" work. Soon he/she reach the final powerful originality of their own work. Finding myself in the 2nd stage of this development (this piece was Nick's concept and the techniques used were his to demonstrate). Enter photoshop and design of ones own with layers, adjustments made in composition; believe am now equipped to create and explore my own originality. Am sure there will be many works ahead that will expand on the growth and am thankful there are artists out there that share in our development. Am reminded of watching your child take their first steps.
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