Friday, July 30, 2010

reveal for GONE with the WIND Gallery

Have you ever tried to capture what you don't see. The theme for the artist challenge was from the infamous movie "gone with the wind". There are times am in awe of the force of the wind. Tornado, hurricanes, even a brisk March wind has power. The air becomes charged with a certain glow; prism of light charged. Often wonder how do the birds of the air still stay afloat. This is that perspective with the feel and the glow.

This piece is 16x20x2. Acrylic fluids. Original available and will have reproductions and giclee upon request.

(Side note; Cheryl-thank you for sending the photograph of your Acacia tree blooms of your homeland Canada. The delicate flowers are what got my mind wrapped around this piece! the bark is not the same- artistic liberties me thinks!)
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