Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gerald Brommer and Nick Simmons Workshops

Have finished the commissioned piece that Dr. Kaz requested for her business in Piqua, Ohio. (Piqua Family Dental) titled Spirit of Living and also intend to use this for Artist Community site submission.

Having attended Gerald's workshop at Kanuga this spring incorporated the line and shape elements (sans collage work) with Nick Simmons "pouring of fluid acrylics" and the "jewel light" with pure color in a zone upon zone style. Letting the design dictate to you the technique you use keeps one from "tiring" of the work. As Nick stated use of plan B and C and so forth is a must when working with water based paints. Predictability; none only the surprises that come by way of the paint doing it's thing. Originally the work was to be painted on the front window of the business with stained glass paints. Location, location, location opted out for a large Sign in front of the building so the office had more visibility. Dr. Kaz still wanted a piece of art for the "fireplace" within her business. Off to the printer now develop a giclee with the Business logo for the large reproduction.

the latest theme on The artist challenge is featuring still life. Food, floral, place settings; rather a "spirit" of living and connecting? Believe that life is anything but still so this has also become one of my selections (original and reproductions are available).
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