Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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When sat down to paint the piece "Spirit" it came almost too easily.
We have long had a family of doves in and around the back yard each year. It seemed perfectly natural to settle on this as a piece (you'll find a dove even on our back shed-starting to fade yet still there each morn as a wake up visual.

The dove represents many key elements in living to me. Family, living, quality, thread of connection, peace and on and on. Happen to send the piece in to the Artist Community
as a submission for their monthly logo. Found once again my answer of "what to do about the artwork". Hattie Huang promotes the site and put the piece up to vote. Monday brought the announcement of the winner.

(Concern continues to be that must be careful not to over dramatize or turn myself into something am not. The internet allows one to create a persona that does not imitate "true life.) Hattie put together thoughts and ideas that are descriptive of what drives me as an artist using the fragments that have posted here and there on the net.

It is with respect that acknowledge those who help mold me on this journey. Vikki North, Gerald Brommer, Hattie Huang with all the workshop instructors and artists that have referenced throughout this blog. We are never just one in life. We are the bouquet of many.

(there's my acceptance speech- as the child who stands on the stage with a hair brush in hand anticipating and rehearsing her heartfelt sentiments).

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Artist of the Day - Mary Sonya Conti

Artist Community Logo Competition 2010 Aug Winner: Mary Sonya Conti
Artist of the Day - Mary Sonya Conti
Sonya Conti, from Kansas City, MO, she as an artist, always wants her work to express emotion, convey an atmosphere to the viewer within the boundaries of the canvas. Discovery of the elements; water, earth, air, temperature, and color; as a child would explore for the first time is the intent. It is that discovery that changes the art and connects us in life; the human condition. She said:" I painted for the "pleasure of applying the paint to canvas" for many years. A turn in focus now allows application, translation and experimentation of the brush stroke." Her work is with water based media as well as some collage work in various pieces using different papers. Painterly or contemporary is the flavor of her work. Sonya's artwork can be found in private collections around the world as well as displayed in Dayton Ohio through her company Unified Expressions, LLC. (

Her favorite quote: "Nothing determines your creative life more than doing it. This is so obvious and fundamental, yet how much energy is wasted on speculation, worry and doubt without the relief of action." -by Ian Roberts

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Hattie Huang Beautiful description!
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