Saturday, February 5, 2011

In the moment

This piece was created several years ago. The colors are as vibrant and vivid as the day that finished the work. Esoteric Awakenings titled, symbolic of the direction have taken. Change would have taken with the value and hue of the mountain range in retrospect, but not the direction.

Each first Friday of the month the gallery (CADC, The Cannery) holds our art presentation meet and greet. After a month long of very little contact with the real world was apprehensive in tapping into the well and opening up to those around. Christy Jennewein (our artist Director) had spent the last couple of weeks painting the gallery spaces and moving the art around. To walk the gallery space and rediscover the artwork within is a step away from the hectic pace most of us have allowed to be routine in our lives day to day. My work has been moved to another space within the gallery. I share booth space with a talented artist (Brenden Higgins). Found it more open and the lighting well done (Thank you JOHN!) The work that went in to this presentation and over all gallery reconstruction made one feel that they were walking into another world. Many artist coming together giving the patron a variety of visual exploration and emotion. After nightfall went out and peered into each window of the gallery. Each held a different view of possibilities within.
Modern, Contemporary, Classic, Realistic, Impressionism and Expressionism.
The key, variety.

To the young man that allowed me to tap into what your "taste" in art might be: Know you were not prepared for the initiation that felt the need to thrust upon you yet you did not balk. In discovering what you were looking for in art you let me into your space.(Thank you) we shared (connected). Each of us is so unique. In showing you the different tapestry available (different strokes of the artists) we found treasures within the gallery that appreciated. Moving artwork around (pairing it with another piece) allows one to more closely examine what we briefly glimpse prior. (Christy had touched on this very conversation with me earlier in the week). Please hear what had said. Art is an investment. Stocks and Bonds fluctuate; artwork does not fluctuate with the market. In time they become richer (should you choose the work you believe in and purchase it because it is of value to you).
We artist are waiting to connect with you and make the music that carries us over time. We want to expand on your future concept and expectations and become touchstones. Become a foundation shared in life to build from. Futures; not past or present but going forward from this moment.

To the couple who had recently moved back to Dayton from Sweden. Welcome home and we are increased by your presence. So love the lyrical accent and looking at the world through your eyes. It brings freshness and excitement with a renewed "look" at what tend to take for granted sometimes. If you have any interest in any of the art in the gallery - please ask away. This is not about just my art!

To the ladies who stood before the tin art with delicate stones inlaid- You cannot duplicate those colors shimmering upward (from the art and yourselves) the light shines and vibrates when we stop for a few minutes and focus creating not just memories but validation. It's original and lessons in life.

I probably should come with a warning tag when approaching me. Beware; passionate about the work; in love with the people, curious and ever ready to tell ya! (may I always be honest without/decreasing, respect and appreciate you the Patron) By writing about the experiences and folks talk to; my mind provides a snapshot of the individual their opinions and emotion at that time and the intensity of their presence. (Esoteric awakening)

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