Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moonlight Serenade

As often happens on the night before a show,
find myself trying to get a featured piece to "hang" from for the gala. Have been experimenting with printer's ink and watercolors on Yupo. (will reload a better image of this piece
if -doesn't get selected for a Valentine's gift this evening)

Yes, this piece is based off of January's Morning song from 2008. Looking out upon the snow covered field late into winter worked to capture the moon's glow. Yupo is a very forgiving surface in that development of the design and composition is in constant movement. 11x13 mixed media. watercolor, fluid acrylic and "ink".

Come join the artists at Art at Yankee Trace tonight; 6-9
Francine Riley is the featured artist
10000 Yankee Street , Centerville , OH 45458
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