Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Smoky Mountain Autumn

ALLRIGHT THEN....the individual whose name had drawn for this piece has just contacted me.
She is as happy as I am to receive the artwork. Was starting to get very nervous as still no answer came back from her email address. Had written the third time to advise if she could not claim the work simply drop me a line and would hold it for after the holidays. 'course SPAM in our in baskets keep lot of folks from answering back. Filling the SUBJECT line with the works title did not make her open up the email. It finally became Smoky Mt Autumn will go to a new Home in January
that made her open it up. Mental note for next drawing. Must have valid phone number with email address.
Still hoping that Ian will prompt his Mom (Marcia) to contact me for the artwork promised.
Do believe in Angels as well as Santa Claus!
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