Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the Year

Your dreams are a recognition of what you truly are and how you can contribute to this world. You will never do anything else in life more important than this. In fact, in a very real sense there is nothing else in life but this. There is no true retirement from the contributions you can make in this life. You literally live the dream that is your life to your very last breath" Quote from Thomas Herold

Not going to set goals for the New Year. Consider the statement "goals are artificially created by the mind and backed up by the concepts that allow them to work. Take away the concepts and beliefs that give them foundation to live and your goals will evaporate in no time at all.

Rather; shall put more effort and energy in to my dreams. The pull between the mental and physical domains to obtain a "goal" that I have limited or "capped" my potential needs to be reconsidered. "Dreams are powered by Source, by the ultimate power of conciousness"
Your dreams are the recognition of what you can do with the unique gifts and talents you have brought into this life. We each exist with a unique set of talents. "

Wishing all a Blessed New Year much love and light shared.
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