Friday, March 5, 2010

Vikki's Blog

Take time to scan down the right hand side of artist's and friends. Land on Vikki North's creation of Harpo. The writing behind the piece is timeless. Memories flood back from sitting in front of the TV and watching the character who was without a voice yet still able to capture our imagination.(Vikki has lived the world behind the scenes). Oh to pass on the richness of our memories and do them justice later in life. Vikki is the Master "Mistress" of this technique. Be well worth your time spent in reading her blog! (how rich we are by those who share their time and memories so freely)

Lao Tzo said it best "doing- without trying to do".
Read Robert Genn's twice weekly letter posted today. (it's as if Vikki's work was the basis for the letter!)
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